Big and small, in and out


María F. Jiménez


I oscillate in the way I perceive life. At times it is nothing, only a set of ways, a set of decisions which build up a jumbly shack, like a shelter. If I ask myself what it is that has made me build this shanty, I discover that LIFE, not the one I contain, but the one that contains me, is so enormous that I get lost. I realise that I trim it and set up fences to avoid dissolving in what is limitless. Being aware of this is already telling me that I am actually outside the safety boundaries I have set up, that the inapprehensible infinite is inside me. And once again, from that which is large, my gaze returns to that which is almost vulgar and plain and bland. But the jumbly shack, from the outside, is quite different. From the inside it is looking at life through some scanty openings. From the outside it is an architecture with scanty openings through which it is possible to get glimpses of the invisible in the corners of the everyday.


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